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The Harrington Community Club is currently in the process of organizing the removal of the turbine from the Harrington Grist Mill in the Spring of 2001 for purposes of restoration. The removal of the Little Giant Turbine is expected to be a very large and detailed task that will require the help of many strong and experienced hands. Plans are currently in the works to recruit the help of numerous members of SPOOM Canada in an effort to utilize their expertise gained while restoring other mills. The goal is to remove and restore the turbine back to working order.

The Little Giant Turbine at the Harrington Grist Mill is described as a scroll or central vent turbine. The bottom of the turbine sits on the bottom of a tail race. Water enters the rectangular gate box, turns the runner and then finally exits the turbine through its top and bottom openings. This design of turbine is considered to be most efficient because there is less restriction by allowing water to exit in two different directions.

The turbine has been sitting idle in the turbine pit for over thirty-five years under several feet of sediment, debris and water. It is necessary for this type of turbine to remain submerged under water in order to prevent the oxidation and corrosion of its vital moving parts. As shown in the photos, the sediments have preserved this unit perfectly. These photos were taken after several hours of digging and pumping out the water in the turbine pit. As soon as the pump was turned off, the water quickly collected over the turbine once again.

Please check back in the spring to see more photos and text on the removal of the Harrington Grist Mill Turbine.
Spring Millers' Day: Turbine Removal