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June 5, 1999

Members of the Harrington Community Club, Upper Thames Conservation Authority (UTRCA) and area residents began the restoration process. With the removal of boards from the windows, light shone in for the first time in over 35 years, revealing a host of archeological treasures. Extensive house keeping was performed by all volunteers, removing years of built up rubbish and debris.

October 16, 1999

The Harrington Grist Mill was alive early on this Saturday morning, with help from Community Club members, area residents, members of the UTRCA , politicians, and Whitelaw Machinery staff. All were on hand to participate in the removal of the century old milling equipment for purposes of restoration.

Many photos were taken during the removal of the milling equipment to ensure accurate documentation.
The small size of this oat chopper was deceiving. It weighed in excess of 1500 lbs. and required nine men to move it out of the mill.
May 20, 2000

Removal of the old tin siding commensed making way for a new look of board and batten donated by Pounder TIM-BR Mart of Stratford.

Over the next few weekends, the Harrington Grist Mill took on a new and improved look.
May 21, 2000 The first piece of refurbished milling equipment was returned to the mill. This 1899 Whitelaw oat roller was rebuilt by Whitelaw machinists back to its original operating state.
Accurate positioning during installation of the oat roller was critical for correct belt alignment.
May 19, 2000

The new roof arrived donated by VICWEST of Stratford. Plans for installation in the fall continue.