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This is a 1940's photo of the Harrington Pond. The Ontario Foresters Dance Hall is in the background and the peak of the Harrington Grist Mill is visible on the far left of the photo.
This is a southern view of the Harrington Pond dating back to the early 1940's.
This photo was taken upstream from the original Mill pond dam.
This picture was taken on Easter Sunday, April 17, 1949. Earlier that morning the Harrington Mill pond dam collapsed. People in the village stated that the pond drained in less than one hour!
This is what is known as an "oblique" aerial photo, not all that common in the 1940's. The wheat in the little field is "stooked" Mennonite style. Wheat was cut either by hand, scyle or mower pulled behind a horse or tractor. No tracks are visible in this photo which leads us to assume it was horse drawn. If it was done by hand it would have been done using a cradle scythe to catch the cuttings. Either way, the stooks were set up by hand, left to dry out and then taken to the barn for winnowing or run through a thresher powered by a tractor in the field.
In this photo dating back to 1952, many people gathered in Harrington to view the completed Mill Pond Dam.
These are two very early post cards by "Book Post". These unique cards show Harrington and its buildings in the early 1900's.
During the 1800's the Mill pond was known as Sunnyside Pond.
Another Harrington postcard with a one cent postage stamp on the back. This card was posted in Harrington and received a stamp in Stratford, dating January 15, 1907.
Miller's Residence Hill Family late 1800's