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By becoming a volunteer, you can assist Child Find to help make your community a safer place for all children.
Who can volunteer for Child Find Ontario?
Working with children and sometimes sensitive information, Child Find looks for volunteers who are interested in the well-being of children and related issues. Everyone who successfully fulfils the screening requisites of the organization is welcomed as a new and valued volunteer. Applicants are required to undergo a police security check. While it may vary from area to area, an applicant must be at least 16 years old (sometimes 18) in order to obtain a police security clearance.

What commitments are required to volunteer?
We know that most of our volunteers have busy lives, go to school, have families, or are otherwise committed, therefore we ask only for a regular commitment 0f 4-8 hours a month. This can get you involved in a variety of events and activities, most of which are held on weekends to accommodate our volunteers' busy schedules. For more information, check out our volunteer standards.

In what ways can I contribute?
There are a variety of different volunteer positions and committee work available. We're sure that you can find a role in our organization that matches your talents and interests.

Why volunteer for Child Find?
As an official CHILD FIND Volunteer your commitment of time, know how and spirit are investments in the very Important and worthwhile functions you will carry out. Volunteer membership is critical to a strong and productive Chapter. Your participation in Chapter activities, whether 4 hours a month or 40 hours, is a valuable contribution and is essential to maintaining a strong local program. Please examine the many opportunities available to you as a Child Find volunteer.

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