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The Chapter structure and positions available may vary from Chapter to Chapter, however, the following Is an overview of the types of functions and roles you can fill.

EXECUTIVE MEMBER OF CHAPTER - An Executive Member is like a manager or supervisor of the Chapter activities The positions on the Executive Committee are elected for a term of 1 or 2 years. The number of Executive Members on the Committee will depend largely on how active the Chapter is. The types of positions available, for example, are: Chairperson, vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Poster Distribution Coordinator, Fund Raising Coordinator, Public Speaking Coordinator, Public Relations Coordinator and, in Chapters covering a large area or region, the position of Regional Rep or Team Leader is used.

KID CHECK FINGERPRINT ID PROGRAM - as a member of our "KID CHECK" crew you will register children, finger/hand/foot print them, offer explanations and information to parents, and/or help out with finger/hand/foot cleaning (after printing). All finger printers are required to be trained by the local police; training sessions, which are usually scheduled on an as needed basis, are coordinated by the Chapter Volunteer Coordinator. The Kid Check ID program provides parents with prints of their child along with our "All About Me" booklet which is a detailed booklet the parents are asked to complete on their child. Child Find keeps no records or personal information pertaining to the children printed at a Kid Check. Kid Checks are usually held on Saturdays, typically for a four hour period at various host locations throughout your community.

INFO BOOTH/MALL DISPLAY/PUBLIC FORUMS - The Chapter will arrange to set up in a public place, sometimes a mall, perhaps a fair or safety event or similar type of location. The objective is to heighten the awareness of Child Find and its work concerning the issue of missing children and also to provide educational material to parents and answer general personal safety questions. The info booth is also set up periodically to recruit new Chapter Volunteers.

PUBLIC SPEAKING - ADULTS - With the help of our training and education manuals, a person who enjoys speaking in front of a group could find themselves talking to Parent's groups, Service Clubs and similar adult audiences.

PUBLIC SPEAKING - CHILDREN - As above. It would he helpful to have had some experience teaching or working with children. A likely audience could be: Girls Guides, Scouts, Day Cares, Schools and at other events. It is often helpful, but not mandatory, when a Volunteer can help out with this program during weekday, daytime hours.

POSTER/FLYER DISTRIBUTION - This very important task requires Volunteers who can place CHILD FIND posters & flyers of missing Children in high visibility areas throughout the community. This Volunteer would be required to keep a current list of all poster/flyer placements, and also, maintain the flyers/posters to update them, or remove them when a child is recovered. Ideal poster/flyer locations could vary from retail stores, doctor's offices, airport, bus station etc.

PROMOTIONAL ITEMS - SALES - your sales skills to work by helping to operate the promotional sales table at events. You will be responsible for displaying and promoting the Child Find pin buttons, T or sweat shirts, safety rule posters etc.

SPECIAL EVENTS ( awareness and fund-raising) - You could be flipping burgers at a charity BBQ, helping out at a garage sale, taking part in a local parade, just to mention a few types of special events.
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