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Whatever role you play as a CHILD FIND Volunteer, you are never alone. Your Volunteer colleagues will help orient you to our organization, and the following opportunities exist to further support you. CHAPTER OPERATIONAL MANUALS: Chapters have access to CHILD FIND's Literature Manual (operations manual), Public Speaking Manual and Education Package. Various Committees are working on the development of policy and procedures also.

"BUDDY" CHAPTER: A new Chapter is typically assigned a "Buddy" chapter which the new Chapter can call on for guidance and support. Also, all Chapters have a voice to the Provincial Board of Directors through their representatives (5 Chapter Chairpersons are invited to sit on the Provincial Board of Directors).

CHAPTER CHAIRPERSON MEETING: The frequency of these meetings may vary, however, the goal is to have 4 meetings per year. These meetings afford the Chairpersons with an opportunity to voice their Chapter's opinion and recommendations on decisions made which will affect them. This group also undertakes various projects to progress the Chapters and provides a forum to resolve difficult or problem issues.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: Also known as the AGM, this meeting is held every April. The elections for the Provincial Board of Directors is held at this time. Also, the audited financial statements are usually distributed at this meeting, along with submissions from the President and Executive Director.

MEMBERS SEMINAR: Usually held once a year. Open to all CHILD FIND members and is designed to maintain open lines of communication throughout the province, provide networking opportunities and idea exchanges, and also training & development in various related areas. This Seminar is hosted by the CHILD FIND ONTARIO Provincial Office and is typically in Oakville, Ontario.

PUBLIC CONFERENCE: Held annually in the fall, this conference is hosted by the CHILD FIND ONTARIO Provincial Office and is typically in the Southern Ontario area. The conference provides a forum to hear the experts, interface with other related agencies and to show your support for the issues concerning missing children. Chapter members are invited and encouraged to attend.

VOLUNTEER NEWSLETTER: "CHAPTER CHATTER" Is a Volunteer Newsletter produced by the Provincial Office in the effort to link Chapters throughout the province. The newsletter contains information from the Chapters so that the ideas and success stories can be passed on to other Chapters. The newsletter is currently being published twice a year spring/fall}.

ONGOING COMMUNICATIONS: The Provincial Office is the pivot point from which information is relayed, collected and passed on to Chapters. The Provincial Office sends a mail package to each Ontario Chapter on a weekly basis which would contain Communication Circulars (memos), updated case information, relevant news articles for circulation etc.

LOCAL CHAPTER NEWSLETTER: Some Chapters produce a local newsletter to keep you abreast of local activities and achievements. Volunteers are welcome to submit photos, articles, announcements etc. for this publication.

LOCAL GUEST SPEAKER: Some Chapters are able to arrange for guest speakers to attend the Volunteer Meeting from time to time to talk about their area of expertise. Speakers could include members of the local police, social service agencies, local experts etc.

LOCAL REFERENCE LIBRARY: Many chapters have undertaken to develop and maintain a "Chapter Resource Library" of books, videos, and articles relating to the issues of missing and exploited children. Ask your Chapter Secretary if you would like to sign out materials from the Chapter Resource Library.
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