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If you like to work on projects and can commit to seeing it through to completion, consider one of the following committees. {Committee names and objectives may vary from Chapter to Chapter, ask your Volunteer Coordinator or "Buddy" for details.}

GREEN RIBBON OF HOPE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE: This campaign is held annually during the month of May. As a member of this committee you could be involved in the extensive planning for or execution of the campaign tasks which could include: writing letters, pinning and counting ribbons, seeking out participant locations and distributing boxes of ribbons to the various locations. Committee work often starts In January in preparation for this May Campaign.

FUNDRAISING COMMITEE: The objective of this committee is to plan and oversee Chapter approved fund-raising projects to ensure that the Chapter operation and programs are and continue to be funded. This could involve Bingo's, Special Fund-raising Events such as Tournaments or BBQ's, Soliciting local business, government and service clubs for financial support.

TELEPHONE COMMITTEE: As a member of this committee you will assist the Volunteer Coordinator by calling a designated group of Volunteers to advise them about upcoming meetings, events etc. You will likely have about 8 - 10 people to contact on a regular basis and you will also be required to update the Volunteer Coordinator on a continued basis.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE: This group of members will plan and oversee one or a number of social Volunteer events throughout the year. Examples might include Volunteer Picnic and BBQ, Pot Luck Christmas party, Bowling, Shows, the list is limited only by your imagination.

MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT COMMITTEE: It is of extreme importance that the Chapter Membership is always at a level to comfortably offer the Chapter programs without having to leave it to the "same old reliable Volunteers". Membership of a Chapter should never fall below 20 active Volunteers and this number would likely be doubled or tripled in a very active Chapter. The recruitment drive is an ongoing task which could involve contacting local Volunteer Bureaus, preparing and issuing Public Service Announcements to the media, develop incentive programs for Volunteers who recruit new members, etc. etc.

ELECTION COMMITTEE: This committee will organize the Chapter Executive Elections usually held in April. This could involve informing the membership of the election and positions, tracking the candidates, recruiting new Executive candidates, as appropriate, and organizing the election meeting.

TRANSLATION COMMITTEE: This committee is created when there is a need to translate letters, press releases etc. in order to deliver them to local sources. The Committee most often translates English to French. A member of this committee must have considerable experience in translating.

There can be, and often are, other functions or committees within the Chapter which is specific to that Chapter only. Don't be afraid to ask for more information. If you have a special skill or talent you feel that would benefit the Chapter, why not recommend that a new Committee be struck, which you may volunteer to chair.
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