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November 99 Newsletter

Wise Guys

We felt it was time our Housing Committee was brought up to date on our activities over the past year.

One of OSAC'S  concerns has been the equitable distribution and location of  L.T.C. beds in the County.  It is a problem if people have to move out of their community to find L.T.C. beds.  We have encouraged Jim Henry to find solutions to those problems.  Behind the scenes he has been meeting with key people in our area.  We hope 1998 will be a year of significant changes!

In the County, initiatives for L.T.C. could include working with the Sally Creek Environs (ORC property) on issues of common interest and direction.  Bob Hines, of Woodingford Lodge, is now also the Director of Social Services and Housing for the County.  He can be reached at 537-3428.

Supportive Care:  Flexi-care is already in place in locations in Woodstock, Ingersoll and Tillsonburg.  Those residents already getting homecare are now receiving that care for one agency, which makes it more efficient.  Coming soon, supportive care will be in place which makes it more efficient.  Coming soon, supportive care will be in place which will make more hours available if needed, and emergency help on call.  For information call  Woodstock - Artena Hutchison - 539-0441:  Ingersoll - Cathy Wilson, Ingersoll Services for Seniors - 485-2269:   Tillsonburg - Ann McKnight, Tillsonburg Multi-Services - 842-9007.

EMPRESS project in Woodstock initiated by Maria Odumodu - 539-4080, will be located on Dundas Street West adjoining the Seniors Centre.  The funding is now in place and demolition of the Ace Bowling location will begin soon.  The project will have 55 units, and  amenities include a roof garden, exercise room, lounge and health court.

The Salvation Army Church, recently opened on Juliana Drive, has plans in the future for senior housing on adjacent land, and hooking into the facilities of the church for dining and social recreation.  Phone Don Gregory - 539-9345.

In Tillsonburg, a very active steering committee has been formed for housing.  Phone Ann McKnight 842-9007.

Ingersoll  has had talks with us, and we hope to have something going there soon.

We are including information on Sally Creek for those who may be interested.  Phone Ralph Rodgers - 519-758-2708 for informatioin.

We are quite excited with the way things are developing.  Phone Eileen Hammerton if you have any questions - 456-5145

Chairperson - Eileen Hammerton


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