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November 99 Newsletter

Wise Guys

OSAC began in 1987 when the Ministry of Community and Social Services and Thames Valley District Health Council began a project called "Shaping the Future of Home Support in Middlesex, Oxford and Elgin Counties."
The first meeting was held on November 12, 1987, and was with consumers and providers. Margaret Munnoch was the first chair. In 1988 consumers and providers clarified their roles, and a directory of services was organized by Shirley Lockwood, the work of the providers.The consumers continued to meet to recruit and identify gaps in services.

By October, 1988, an advisory board was elected as follows:

Providers Consumers
Marg Munnoch Irene Crawford
Irene Priest Fran Hewitt
Jim Spencer Eileen Hammerton
Bruce Baily Howard Sweazey
Kathy Desai Marg Wilson

Funding was provided through the Ministry of Community and Social Services.
Providers and Consumers continued to meet on their own with joint meetings held around the county.
OSAC leadership alternative between Providers and Consumers. However, there was a very strong Provider component which gave the consumers every encouragement to help them understand the issues. We were fortunate to have very able leadership.
In the early 1990's, OSAC organized Long Term Care Consultations in the natural communities throughout the county to determine the needs of Seniors from a grassroots perspective. Many issues were identified and are still being addressed.
Committees were formed as the need arose, such as Transportation, Housing, Awareness, Respite, and Elder abuse. The work of these groups resulted in proposals being forwarded or appropriate action being taken. The Transportation group has now joined the Oxford Transportation Task Force which has received funding for a consultant. Housing has hired Jim Henry to facilitate discussion in the county to facilitate supportive housing and a continuum of care housing project(s). Awareness has been rolled over into an improvisational theatre group called WISE GUYS AND GALS. We take seniors issues, such as falls in the home, unwise use of medicines, and elder abuse, and present them in humorous or serious skits to audiences all over the area. Respite has published a report which resulted in funding for respite beds in Woodstock, Ingersoll, and Tillsonburg. Elder Abuse has produced pamphlets, and is very active in promoting concern about this problem.

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