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KEEP you child's fingerprints, an updated accurate description and a head and shoulder photograph in a safe, accessible place.

TEACH your children their telephone number, area code and address.

SHOW your children how to dial the Operator ("0") and what to say. Practice.

KNOW where your child is at all times. Let your child know where you are at all times as children learn by example.

Do NOT let your child go to a public restroom alone.

NEVER leave your child unattended

Do NOT put your child's name visibly on clothing, bicycles or toys. A child responds to a first name and a person using that name will not be thought of as a stranger.

TEACH your children to avoid to avoid strangers or people they know very well.

Do NOT leave your children in the toy section of a store or wandering in a mall. If they do get lost or bothered, tell them to go to a cashier or an employee with a name-tag for help. Make sure they know who is a cashier is and tell them never to leave the store or mall if lost.

KNOW your child's friends and be involved in your child's activities.

PRACTICE with your child routes they may walk to and from school or friends' homes.

LISTEN when your child tells you that he/she doesn't want to be with someone. Find out the reason.

NOTICE if someone pays undue attention to your child

NEVER belittle any fear or concern your child has - real or imaginary.

TELL your children that if anything happens, you will look for them until you find them.

INDENTIFY "safe houses" in your neighbourhood with signs in the windows (i.e. Block Parents). Teach the children to go there if they are frightened.

Parents and their children should have a secret code word that only they know. If someone says to the child that their parents have asked them to pick them up or go with them, to NOT go until the person gives the proper code word.

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