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Tip for parents
  • Kid Check/fingerprint program: Easily our most recognizable program, Child Find fingerprints tens or thousands of children in Ontario each year. All or our finger printers are trained by the local police. Children, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, are fingerprinted and they receive a document titled "All About Me" which is a detailed questionnaire for parents to complete about their child. Such information includes medical/dental history, list of family, friends and relatives, educational history, physical and mental characteristics, among many other things. This completed document can speak to the police for a parent, should their child be reported missing. This document is kept only by the parents or legal guardian. Head and shoulders photo of the child, updated regularly, should be included with this package.

  • Chapter Start Up: Child Find's Provincial Office continues to develop new Chapters so that a growing number of Ontario communities can have access to our services. Through Chapter expansion, we can further publicize the issues concerning missing children and offer our child safety programs to more and more concerned Ontarians.

  • Child Safety Literature: Child Find produces a document titled "Safeguard Your Children" which offers tips on child safety. It also contains the tell- tale signs for runaways. There are also other brochures and leaflets available, some of which are available in French.

  • Public Speaking: Many Child Find personnel undertake speaking engagements to inform the public about the issue of missing children in Canada, the role that Child Find plays as well as to provide concrete tips on how parents can "street proof" their children. Public speaking engagements can be arranged through the Chapter in your area.

  • Information Booths: Child Find operates information booths throughout the province to publicize the issue of missing children and to distribute child safety literature. Information booths can be found at local malls, trade shows, fairs, public forums, etc.

  • Special Events: Child Find hosts a number of special events throughout the year in order to raise funds for our various programs as well as to generate awareness regarding missing children's issues. Such events stimulate interest in a variety of towns and cities and provide our organization with greater visibility and awareness of the vital services we provide.

  • Green Ribbon of Hope Campaign: May is Green Ribbon of Hope Month in Canada culminating on May 25th in the celebration of National Missing Children's Day. The goal of this program is to remember all missing children and to seek their safe return. Green represents the colour of hope symbolizing our expressions and thoughts for missing children, their families and friends.

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