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Beachville-Sweaburg-West Oxford Pastoral Charge
Beachville United Church

   The Beachville Pastoral Charge consists of three churches located within ten km of each other. The churches are in Oxford County, an area with a history of agriculture, tobacco farms and limestone mining. Much of the present day industry is connected to the automobile with plants in Ingersoll and surrounding counties providing many of the components used in their manufacture. The first recorded baseball game in North America was played in Beachville on June 4, 1838.

   Although the Beachville United Church was built in 1891, the history of Methodism dated back 45 years before this. The congregation first met in a building described as a woollen mill approximately 100 x 40 feet, with two floors and a large smoke stack. When the Presbyterian congregation erected a new brick church, the Methodists acquired their old building and moved it to a location just south-east of the main intersection on Beachville Road. As the congregation grew over the next 24 years and the building became inadequate, it was decided to erect a new church which is the present red brick building. The corner stones of the new church were laid May 21, 1891, with the trowels used now part of the church's archives.

Beachville United Church

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