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How problems are viewed will influence the choices made to resolve them. Wrong choices can intensify the problem and create complications. Ignoring a problem will not cause it to go away and amnesia or avoidance is not the answer. But sometimes a problem may be perceived as being so overwhelming that resolution looks hopeless.

As an illustration let's consider a problem as being a tree blocking your way, being so close to it, your nose is almost right up against it. 

Standing directly in front of the tree you view of everything beyond it is entirely obscured. Your focus is so fixed on the tree (problem) that is all you can see. Because you are so close to the tree you are even limited in the detail that you can see. You can see cracks in the bark, possibly even little bugs crawling around in the cracks. But you may not be able to see the leaves, or if there is any fruit and you may not be able to determine what kind of tree it is. The tree may appear to be so enormous, you can't see any clear way to get around it.

So it can be with problems. You can become consumed by what you can see. Even if only a partial view, you may be prevented from seeing the entire problem clearly and left oblivious to what is beyond the problem. Through counselling we help you to get "pulled back" form the tree (problem) in order to see it for what it really is and decide on the best direction to go beyond it.

This is working to get things into proper perspective 

Don’t Quit !

When people pull you down , as they often will
When the battle you are fighting is all uphill
When the funds are low and the debts are high
When you’re laughing, although you’d rather cry
When you discover yourself slowing down a bit
Stop and take a deep breath, but don’t you quit

Although you’ve worked so hard just to get this far
You must steady your pace, just to stay where you are
You’ll need twice the effort to make your way
Tomorrow won’t come, until you’ve conquered today
And if you discover yourself slowing down a bit 
Stop and rest if you must, but don’t you quit

Always do the best that you can possibly do
Treasure true friends who are far and few
Never give up, whatever the burden you bear
Just one more step might get you there
Often the battle that is proceeding slow
Will conclude abruptly, when dealt another blow

Succeed in believing that you will not fail
Use diligence and determination to set your sail
When the weather is stormy and waters are rough
In the moment of peril the strong get tough
Whenever life presses you down a bit
Stand up and shout “I will not quit!”

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