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Help & Hope

A “crisis” is a decisive moment, a time of danger or great difficulty.

Because we care . . . . . . . 

Crises touch everyone at some point in time during their lives. A crisis can be the result of  marital or family problems, struggles with substance abuse, or other compulsive and even self destructive behaviours. A crisis could also result from being confronted with the uncertainty of unemployment or forced early retirement.

Sometimes loss is experienced through an accident, sickness, or aging. The loss of health, independence, loved ones, or personal sense of self worth can cause one to feel devastated. This requires a listening ear, a comforting word or a guiding hand. 

People respond to times of difficulty and confusion in many different ways and their ability to overcome adversity and recover is dependent on many different circumstances. Life skills and life experiences play a very important part in one's ability to “go on” with life. Because a crisis can be so overwhelming, it is too difficult to “go it alone”  and help may be needed.

 . . .  through our counselling services . . .

We desire to help people experiencing stressful times to learn how to regain control over the things they can, how to cope with the things they cannot control, and to have the wisdom to know the difference. We work to empower people, to help themselves to learn how to overcome challenges in life, to gain confidence and courage through wisdom and understanding. We help them to learn how to draw on their strengths and to find the courage and determination to overcome.

Our counsellors use their diverse skills of over 30 years of combined counselling experience to provide a “wrap around” team approach. We offer a blending of appropriate counselling theories with a practical Biblical approach (for those choosing to embrace their Christian beliefs as they seek help). We believe everyone is entitled to fullness in life, free from oppression, pain and suffering due to psychological and behavioural difficulties.

We further believe that help provided must be with integrity and without prejudice. We help people in crises to overcome various challenges in life through teaching and support that focuses on practical issues of self control, self respect, and positive relationships.

. . . . . . . we offer help and hope.


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