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GLEN'S  STORYA Decision To Change
In order to respect client confidentiality and to preserve anonymity, Glen is an alias, however the events of his story are true. Glen's recovery from his downward spiral of self-destruction is attributed to his decision to change and the collaborated efforts of psychiatry, the legal system, his employer and his family.

When Glen first came for counselling he came reluctantly, unsure if anyone could help him, feeling as though no one really cared. He was angry, confused, untrusting. Family members had encouraged Glen to get help as they were fearful that he was heading for certain destruction. The situation he was facing included pending drug related charges, loss of his job and alienation from his girl friend and family.

His constantly hearing voices was causing him to think that suicide was his only answer, his only way of escape from life in which everything had gone wrong. Glen grew up in a home that offered love and encouraged spiritual values. He couldn't understand why this was happening to him. 

During counselling sessions things began to unravel as he shared more about his feelings and his past. His present drug dependence began when he was a teenager when his first exposure to illicit drugs was a result of peer pressure and curiosity. We began to suspect that the voices Glen was hearing was the result of the combination of drugs, including hallucinogens he experimented with as a teenager. His further dependence on drugs resulted in him breaking the law facing a possible jail sentence. During his time of increased usage his work performance and reliability deteriorated and he was fired without his Union being able to reverse the decision.

With the help of a psychiatrist, Glen was diagnosed with chemically induced schizophrenia. Through careful prescribing and monitoring medication, he stopped hearing voices. He also agreed to a counselling approach of total abstinence and was determined to get sober.

When Glen's lawyer presented these facts to the court it was decided that restoration was more beneficial than incarceration granting probation that includes counselling. His Union representative was successful in appealing Glen's dismissal and a compassionate employer rehired him, willing to give him another chance.

Glen came to realize how so many were wanting him "to make it" and he decided to seize the opportunity to turn his life around. He is clean and maintaining sobriety, proving himself to be a reliable employee. He knows he not "out of the woods" as yet but his future looks bright and includes plans for marriage.  


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