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What is Child Find Ontario Inc?

In 1993, there were 55,908 listings of missing Children in Canada. CHILD FIND ONTARIO Is an organization that wants to significantly reduce that number through our programs and services.

CHILD FIND ONTARIO INC. is a Volunteer-based, non-profit, registered charitable organization (registered charitable number 0686808-09) whose mandate is (1) to assist in the search and recovery of missing and abducted children and (2) to educate parents and children on the dangers of abduction in an effort to minimize the risk of abduction.

CHILD FIND was established in 1983 after the disappearance of six year old Tania Murrell. The Edmonton girl disappeared on her way home from school and has yet to be found. Outraged by Tania's disappearance, Calgary resident Kathy Morgenstern sought to become involved with an organization that dealt specifically with missing children. Through her inquiries she discovered that there was no such organization established in Canada. As a result, she took it upon herself to form such a Canadian organization and Child Find was born.

CHILD FIND ONTARIO also started in 1983, in London, then moved to Oakville as a two-person operation working out of a small room at Oakville's Children's Aid Society. Incorporated as a charitable organization in June, 1984, CHILD FIND ONTARIO has now grown into a seven-person operation with 17 Volunteer-based Chapters (as of July, 1994) in various regions of the province.

CHILD FIND's program and services, which are endorsed by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, are free of charge. These services include operation of a confidential, 24 hour national toll free line for tips on missing children, assisting parents of missing children, our Kid Check fingerprinting program, public speaking on child safety, production and distribution of child safety literature, the circulation of posters, flyers and booklets on missing children, and the organization of special events geared to increase awareness of missing children's issues.

Unfortunately, these programs cost money. CHILD FIND's funding is solely the result of donations from the corporate and private sectors - from organizations and people who believe that by supporting CHILD FIND they are assisting the organization in the search for our missing children and also believe in the very Important prevention role that CHILD FIND plays.

It is the civic and moral responsibility of individuals and organizations to protect those who cannot protect themselves. A MISSING CHILD IS EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY. You can make a difference!
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