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- Assisting in the Search Process -

Poster and flyer distribution: Child Find has a national poster produced by Josten's Canada. These posters feature photographs of missing children and other pertinent information. Child Find also produces small flyers on a regular basis. Child Find Volunteers contact various stores, businesses and schools in an effort to arrange for their display. A detailed location list is maintained in order to follow-up when a poster/flyer child is recovered.

* National Toll Free Line: 1-800(387-7962) is our national line serving all of Canada. The line is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is used by parents of missing children, callers reporting tips on missing children, or by children, usually runaways, seeking assistance. All calls are confidential and all tips are passed on to the investigating province and police agency.

* Media Roll Calls: A number of media agencies assist in the search process by broadcasting or publishing "roll calls" of missing children on cable stations, in newspapers, newsletters, magazines, posters or advertising flyers. The greater the coverage, the better the chance of recognition and recovery.

* Networking: When a child is reported missing, contact is made and maintained with the searching parent(s) law enforcement officials, lawyers and other helping agencies in order to assist in the location of the missing child. Some of these agencies include: Operation Go Home, the Missing Children's Registry, Canada Customs, Immigration and police services such as the RCMP, OPP, FBI and Interpol.

* Case Administration: Child Find's Case Administrator is the vital link between Child Find and the searching parent(s). Our Case Administrator is on call 365 days a year to provide professional assistance to searching parents, police agencies and other support agencies. Upon registration of a missing child, Child Find produces and maintains extensive records. Child Find may also recommend professional counselors.

* Research Element: Child Find, in conjunction with the RCMP's Missing Children's Registry, has developed a research project to learn more about the abduction process, to study the effect of abduction on the child and searching parent, as well as an examination of the adequacy of the laws and punishments for offenders of abduction, the assistance and procedures of police and other agencies and the availability of support and other services for the child and searching parent during the recovery of a child.

* denotes services administered from the provincial office.
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